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Jewelry Protection & Care

Blue Jewels jewelry is made by hand, each one individually. With passion but also a lot of love for what we do, we make our jewelry with excellent quality raw materials so that they have great durability.

However, there is a possibility that some material will oxidize when it comes in contact with water, sweat perfume or lotion and lose its shine.

To keep them unchanged over time and maintain their beautiful appearance, we suggest you follow the instructions below:

• Avoid contact of jewelry with soaps, perfumes, creams, varnishes and detergents. Remove them before hand washing and swimming.

• Avoid their daily contact with water and the sun because their metal, color and shine can be affected.

• Store the jewelry in its pouch or box. Do not store all the jewelry together in one case as there is a possibility that they will be scratched or confused with each other.

* The use of antiseptics is not indicated as far as jewelry is concerned because their color changes

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