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Handmade leather necklace with natural white Onyx SQUARE 30mm

Greek handmade leather of exceptional quality.

925 silver plated or 24k (carat) gold plated elements. The wonderful property of this rock is that due to the cut to form its shape, each stone is unique. The shipping option is random.

Handmade leather necklace with natural white Onyx SQUARE 30mm

  • Handmade leather necklace with natural white Onyx SQUARE  30mm.Greek handmade leather of exceptional quality.925 silver plated  or 24k (carat) gold plated  data.



    The name comes from the Greek word "onyx", which means nail or nail.

    • It was very popular among the ancient Romans and Greeks, while Theophrastus mentions it quite often in his texts.

    • According to legend, one day Eros cut the nails of the Goddess Aphrodite with an arrow while she was sleeping. He left the pieces scattered on the sand and the degrees turned them to stone, so that no piece of the gods would ever be lost .


    • Promotes strength, perseverance, hope and endurance.

    • Gives confidence, helping us feel comfortable in our environment.

    • Attracts love, encourages happiness and good fortune • Gives courage, patience and stimulates self-control.

    Corresponds to the Zodiac signs: Aries, Leo, Scorpio, Capricorn. Corresponds to the Chakras: the Base and the Heart

    A wonderful (symbolic) gift for you or the people you love!

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