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Authentic Blue Jewels

Recognition of authentic Blue jewelry

All Blue jewelry is made of genuine materials such as solid 925 ° silver, solid silver with 24K gold plating or a unique blend of metals with 24K gold plating as well as a unique blend of 999 silver plated metals, Greek leather, enriched with precious and semi-precious stones, stones, pearls and handmade details.
The majority of the jewelry we manufacture bears our logo or the monogram of our logo and this makes them unique as intellectual property of the company Blue Handmade Jewels, based on the decision of the Hellenic Ministry of Development and Investment number ΑΣ257035 / CLASS 14, Products and Services, Precious metals and their alloys Jewelry, jewelery, precious and semi-precious stones. Verbal, Illustration, With a certain composition. Any other products, similar to the Blue products that do not bear our company logo are considered counterfeit and are prosecuted.

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